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.Thursday, July 22, 2010 ' 8:55 AM

middle of the night.

Ya , it's actually early in the morning haha .
just feel like blogging now.
laze around doing nothing these holidays.
i planed to study in this summer break, so that i could catch up my weak subjects. but i'm just too lazy =)

Going for P lesen (motorcycle ) , hope i'll pass the exam ^^
I'm fine . Don't worry ^^ just kinda upset of my exam ..

I'm ready to hang out with my fellowsssss XD

i'm Happy :)

.Wednesday, April 7, 2010 ' 9:46 AM

term break

Finally , term break . 2 weeks holidays .Its time for me to rest , calm down . Relax haha.
long time didn't update edi arrrr.. try to getting close v those friends
haha. anyway i'm quite at thr , unlike b4 , damn noisy , cant even sit for 10 sec man . miss tat xD

At skul , feel like lonely , known as gaming gang , Omg . gaming gaming gaming , no life haha.
cum back den help parents lo, no choice mar , they work so hard horr , bo gammmm arrr .
so feel like at least go shop lar , haha . do some revision looo , add maths D2 . haiz , maths c2 .

feel like wan to go back previous skul , miss them .
nothing to update also .

anyway trying my best
cheer up !! ^^

i'm Happy :)

.Monday, March 22, 2010 ' 3:37 AM


For Mr. Ng Yee Ping

If you didn't update your blog more often,
i will give you punishment!
Please take it seriously IDK!
*IDK = I Don't Care
No more question, RIGHT?
No more neglect this blog since it was created by me!
It is not hard to let you to do it kay?
That's all!

Lenglui sis,

i'm Happy :)

.Friday, November 20, 2009 ' 8:22 AM


jux came bak from skull !! muahaha , FREEDOM xD
jux hav exam these few days , quite good ? i think so (:
hopefully i pass my add maths paper man =______=
some upset incident those are worthless to remember it ..

i'm gonna show you sumthg tat really really COOL xD
The photo !! i bet you all thought is me @_@
but actually is NOT . He is Yang Ji Kang =.=
OMG looks exactly the same man ... speechless..
No wonder they keep insulting me T_T

aikss , monday stil got exam .. stress me up ..mmm..
thats all ^^

i'm Happy :)

.Saturday, November 14, 2009 ' 4:56 AM

Finally :)

Yeah ! finally i can log in to my blog .
thanks to MISS NG helping me !! and a nice pw for my blog xxxxxx -___-
i like my blog very much , so i will try my best to update XD
CONSIDERATE about my poor english , i'm trying to improve my language anyway

exam is coming soon , 16th Nov. Sibeh gan jiong , but i got no idea why the hell
that i'm not studying XD Muahahahha..
I miss my friends , actually i plan to meet with them last exeat.
Bt we cannot make it , seems sumthg is more important than me T_T

Err, my studies going well . As your information : I'm a Guai Kia XD
My laptop claiming T_T ,is about 2 months edi arghhhh !!!
That's all !! Happy ^_^

i'm Happy :)

.Saturday, October 31, 2009 ' 1:41 AM

My life

First of all , i had switched to a new school in N9. Em , the people at here are some kind of weird. The 1st day i reach skul i been laughed bcuz of my looking ?! bcuz of my looking are much alike compare v a guy name 'Yang ji kang' ? i heard that that guy did a lot of stupid thing . I mean WTH ?! Wat my looking can do for anything ? Who are them to judge my out-look man ? The following days after tat , things get worse . After a doubled period of accounting class , i have to switch to another class for eng . By the way , my bag get kicked by a girl without any reason -.- . Waseh ! Seriously what happen to her ?! =____________=

Nearly 1 month at here , my 2nd name 'Yang ..' getting crowded ? bcuz of tat stupid guy and stupid action =.= Em.. we actually have a house singing competition , our performance -----i think quite good . But we din even get 3rd rank . Em.. about my studies ? My maths and add maths FAIL , English i get the lowest mark for my eng set , sc are also the same , lowest , others (normal).

Anyway i will try my best (:

i'm Happy :)

.Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ' 7:07 AM


halo im mr ng yee ping xD

*you can delete this article de thank you xD*

i'm Happy :)

Mur-murings :)

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